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Morning Fishing or Big Game Fishing

What comes to the imagination when you ponder of the infinite depths of clear blue water? Fishing, isn't it? Numerous oceanic sights might reflect into your mind but if any of these pictures attract you then you must experience the Maldives, a remarkable place for deep sea fishing.

The remarkable atmosphere of this island nation with warm weather, sun-soaked amazing beaches and plenty of marine species make it a dream spot for Anglers. Whether you are a beginner or a skilled angler, even if you're not so much into fishing, give a try, you're sure to have an exceptional experience.

For further information and prices about our Maldives on a budget fishing packages, please contact our team.

Spear Fishing

Spear fishing is a traditional technique of fishing in Maldives that has been around for many years. Island settlers were accustomed with the method of spearing fish from lagoon and coral reefs using sharp wooden sticks.

Nowadays spear fishing trips by islanders use of adaptable powered spike guns and slings, or compacted gas inflated powered spear guns, to attack the hunted fish. GTs, snappers, groupers are regular hunted fishes during the trip. This trip is done using free diving or snorkeling. The trips takes place mostly in Ukulhas house reef or a nearby house reef.

Experiencing this wonderful adventure would be an amazing trip for those who love snorkeling and hunting at the same time, take part in a spear fishing trips with our skillful guides and be electrified by the size of catch for your dinner.

Night Fishing

Night fishing is an adventure that will whirl you in. Hook some reef fishes under the enchanted starry night sky in Ukulhas, Maldives. Taking part in our Night fishing trip will be an amazing fun experience with your family or friends. The night fishing is a short fishing trip unlike other fishing trips, we use hand lines and raw fish as bait during the trip. Night fishing is a talent practiced by the Maldivians for generations. This is a perfect family excursion and an unforgettable evening, perhaps getting some delicious reef fishes to your dinner plate or BBQ grill!