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Guided Snorkeling

Remarkable house reefs with once in a lifetime opportunity. Ukulhas features an outstanding house reefs that are accessible to snorkelers of any age. Enjoy a guided snorkeling trip with one of our experience staff who will guide you through the vibrant coral reefs in Ukulhas Island. This is a snorkeling trip for those who wish to familiarize the warm water and the oceanic current as well for those who love to explore the beauty of Maldives underwater life. Whichever snorkeling trip you choose to take part, the oceanic beauty in Ukulhas will be an enjoyable experience that Coral Reef View Inn is renowned for.

Snorkeling Safari

Snorkeling safari is for snorkelers who have previously discovered all the corners and cracks of the spectacular house reef in Ukulhas Island. Joining a Snorkeling Safari by boat will open the gateway for a new journey to your adventurous underwater experience and learn two more new born house reefs with our experience staffs. These newborn house reefs are remote reefs with precipices and caverns for faunas to feed and survive. These are flawless points for snorkelers to peek into this concealed mesmerizing world where you could spot turtles and many beautiful underwater fishes.

Manta Ray snorkeling

Manta Rays are spotted mostly on the northern side of the North Ari Atoll, nursing in bays and bottomless lagoons off neighboring islands. These amazing creatures are fascinated by the mass pool of plankton; each year an enormous school of Manta rays visit the warm waters around North Ari Atoll. Snorkeling with Manta Rays can be defined as a dance underwater, as some of fauna’s most graceful creatures slide around near you in the water, winding and rotating with the tides, offering an unforgettable enthralling sight. Each year, Manta Ray snorkeling reaches the topmost pleasing trip for our guests’ during their visit to Maldives, those who were fortunate to experience this wonderful trip will understand why.

For further information about our Maldives on a budget holiday packages, feel free to contact our team so that could create a custom holiday package with Manta Ray snorkeling included.